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Need on-going support? Need on-demand support? Need to have your business computer’s managed, kept clean, routine maintenance performed and antivirus enabled? Need a helpdesk ticket solution and staff to answer support tickets? Need your phones answered? We offer a variety of managed solutions to choose from. Managed Computer Repair Solutions, HelpDesk Solutions, Phone Solutions, Virtual Assistant Solutions, Project Management Solutions and much more! Don’t see something that you need or want, just ask, chances are we can help! Our staff has more than 20 years in the IT / Technology industry and we can help service your needs and find a solution that works for you.

The first 15 minutes of your consultation is FREE! Contact us today or schedule your consult on-line to get started. You can also choose from one of our turn-key plans, after your purchase, your setup consultation is FREE. We are standing by waiting to serve YOU, TODAY!

On-Going Support Solutions

On-going support; what is it you ask? This is support that is on-going, as you need it. We are there for you when you need us most. Always available at your fingertips! Think of it sort of like how an attorney works. You pay a small monthly retainer and then you are billed a discounted support rate to always have a technician available as you need them. We will be available as needed and can provide support solutions by phone, live chat or ticket/email. We normally work on an hourly basis during your business hours, but if you need us 24/7, we can arrange that! Most customer’s choose this option, because it’s so flexible and there is rarely any delays in obtaining support.

Computer Management & Repair Solutions

Need to have your computer’s managed at your home or office? Need to make sure that they are kept running at peak performance? That’s where we come in with our computer management solutions and expertise! We are here to make sure that you stay running in tip top shape. We run remote diagnostics on your computer to constantly scan for malware as well as hardware issues. We do not monitor your activity such as what programs you use, what websites you browse, etc. Our computer management solutions are private, secure & trustworthy. If we find an issue, we will work to try to resolve it without any intervention from you. If we can’t resolve it without interrupting the system or the user on the system, we will contact you and will ask for your assistance in resolving the matter. This usually involves just a few minutes of your time to get a technician connected remotely to your computer through a remote support session so we can work to resolve the issues. Not all issues can be resolved silently behind the scenes, but many issues can.

Help Desk / Ticket Support Solutions

Our Help Desk / Ticket Support solutions are ideal for most companies. This gives your customers or internal users the ability to create a support ticket and receive a reply by email. This works for about 95% of most issues. The exception to this is when the customer’s system is down and they can’t access their email or the web to create a ticket, they they would need to rely on a phone call into support. That’s ok, we have phone support as an addon solution! You can have phone support and ticket/email support for just a small monthly fee + call costs.

VoIP Phone Solutions

Need a phone for your business or personal needs? We can help, we have many different options available that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Keep your number (number porting available!)
  • Ring-to numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Local numbers
  • Forward to voicemail
  • Forward to IVR/Digital Receptionist
  • Forward to Virtual Assistant / Answering Service
  • Many other configurations available… Just ask us!

Some of the features that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • 3-way calling
  • Call hunting
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID filtering
  • Calling queues
  • Call waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Digital receptionist (IVR)
  • DISA
  • Failover
  • Music on hold
  • Ring groups
  • Recordings
  • Speed dial
  • Time conditions
  • Voicemail and much more!

Virtual Office / Virtual Assistant/Receptionist / Task Management Solutions

See our other brand, My Virtual Office Assistant at for more information.

Project Management Solutions

  • Resource Conflict Management – Don’t Worry About Finding Techs, We Got This!
  • Familiar With A Variety of Technical Platforms/Methodologies – We’re Pretty Versed!
  • Focus On Business Strategy & Agility
  • Excellent Communication Skills – We Know Communication & How To Use IT Effectively
  • Excellent Management Skills
  • Ability To Accurately Assess Risk
  • We Speak The Right Language – With 20 Years of Experience, We Know IT!
  • We Have Global Experience – It’s In Our Name

Need something you aren’t seeing? Please contact us. We’re here to help! Chances are we can still help or can get you to someone who can. That’s what we do! We’re helpful!

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